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About your Photo Session (2)

I get this question from time to time. Even though people who look at my head shot work see that all of my head shot have the top of the head cut off in some way. What does the top of your head have to do with the impact of your head shot image being used as your profile photo? Almost everything… basically it’s a combination of nature, beauty and math. I will explain below.


When I compose a head shot image, I take into account the intended purpose and placement of these images. A head shot, whether, used by an actor, a business professional or just someone looking to enhance their web presence it’s the first and main point of your PERSONAL BRAND. To make it clearer its about YOU; not your body, not the shirt your wearing, not the background, not anything except your face (your head)!


In the arena of social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook the size of your profile picture is small in size. However, as shown in the images of Kristen below you can see the greater visibility of you and your personal brand when a head is cropped.

Women – Bring clothes that make you feel good! Solid colors are preferable. Keep jewelry to a minimum, we will probably remove all jewelry for the shots, this includes necklaces, earrings, etc. For makeup we want natural. No fancy colors, eyeliner, etc. We want to show YOU off not your makeup.


Men – Bring clothes that make you feel comfortable and that make you feel confident in. This can be anything from a nice tee shirt to a suit and tie. We want to express your approachability and confidence. Wild patterns should be kept at home. Bring solid colors and several types or styles (if the package you picked has wardrobe changes). Keep jewelry to a minimum. If you want to go with a unshaven look that is fine, for the professional and Executive packages we can shoot some unshaven then you can shave for the clean look.


Remember that since we are doing headshots we are only concerned with the shirt or tops you wear.

General Information (1)

Your photoshoot begins with a phone consultation. To book a phone consultation, which is 30 minutes in length, click on the following link and select “Phone Consultation”.

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